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NP1178, the first product from NanoPhagix, is being developed to provide physicians with a unique therapeutic delivery system that, for the first time, allows them to treat the major cause of heart attacks directly at the source.

The unique mechanism of action of NP1178 will likely place it into a new therapeutic class as there are no known, similarly‑acting therapeutics available.

Market Sizing

Though there is no existing therapeutic market category for a product like NP1178, the sizes of existing cardiovascular therapy areas may provide a sense of potential market size.

IMS Health forecasts that by 2020, cardiovascular medicine sales will be approximately $75 billion:1

  • $51.5 billion from Developed markets ( U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, U.K., Canada, and South Korea)
  • $23.5 billion from Pharmerging markets (Tier 1: China; Tier 2: Brazil, India, Russia; Tier 3: Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, S. Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Vietnam)
Therapy Area 2015 Global Sales (US$s Billions) 2
Antihypertensives $41.4
Anticoagulants $27.2
Lipid Regulators $26.5
Total $95.1

Patent Protection Thru 2035

  • The NanoPhagix patent portfolio: U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/180,111
  • Patent application falls into three categories:
    • Composition of matter
    • Methods of manufacturing
    • Methods of use
  • Company building protective IP around each new product and new formulation
  • Expandable to include additional therapeutics with the same targeted delivery system

Competitive Positioning

NanoPhagix believes that the clinical profile of NP1178 will set it as the only therapeutic that treats the root cause of atherosclerosis by delivering a therapeutic agent directly inside the walls of coronary arteries, treating dangerous, heart attack-causing plaques at their source.

  • Chronic cholesterol buildup causes plaques to form
  • Lipid-lowering agents treat the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol
  • Statins are the gold standard for lowering cholesterol. It remains to be seen how the new PCSK9 inhibitors will be prescribed. Both classes of compounds treat chronic hypercholesterolemic causes of CVD.
  • Datamonitor Health forecasts PCSK9 inhibitors to reach sales in the US, Japan, and five top EU markets of $900 million in 2017. 3
  • NP1178 is not a lipid-lowering agent. Instead, it treats the immediate cause of plaque rupture by attacking the source of the inflammation.
  • NP1178 can be used alone or in combination with lipid‑lowering agents.


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